14 October 2009


Dear Brian

Omg, you have a wonderful story to read, its very touching and so full of heartfelt expressions. Best wishes to you and your bf, hopefully it will stay as long as your breath shall last. I really wish I could find the love of my life hehhehe. Well, I can't share my life story with someone so far away lol. Anyways, you have a point about acceptance... Read More of third sex individuals. Biblically speaking we cannot argue about it. It's like an end point, no more discussion, no more debate. But I really hope when people sees us for what we really are, they will realize that one of the gift God has given us is the "free agency" which means you can live life according to your choices and it so happen that we choose to live our life in this way because this is what we feel and on the other hand its the same thing with all of them. As long as we are good citizens of our respective community sexuality does not matter at all. We may confess our feelings in the same sex and be vocal about it but it does not mean it will make us any less of a person because all of us have the same feeling towards the person we love and admire either you are a man or a woman, or third sex. May we have the same idealism that we are all equal and we have all the rights together with all individuals in this world. Thanks for sharing your story. Have a nice day!

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