26 October 2009

Winner Denied?

Denied- Jethro Cuenca Patalinghug is distressed

Let's call it "Sour Graping" just to mock the very idea... - by Jethro Cuenca Patalinghug

I just talked to the organizers and they told me they reviewed the results and it was really like that... and so I said okay I guess I have to accept it. Then they started offering that they will actually do some projects with me, produce me or something so I don't have to worry. Out of curiosity I asked how the scoring went, they said I was 4th and was 1.3 behind getting a place, and so I ask how did I get a .3 when the scaling was 1-5, 1 being the most preferred and and 5 the least preferred.
The other organizer said the scoring from the pre-pageant contributed, but from what I understood it was back to zero during the top 8 so I questioned it, she said that it did contribute to the final score, I insisted I thought it was clearly explained to us that it was back to zero, then she said there are scores from the pre-pageant that contributed, so I asked "like what?", and she couldn't answer so she referred to the score they had in hand, and now my score suddenly turned into the 3.3 figure, the other organizer tried to help explain and said they could only intervene if there was a tie, I said we were not talking about a tie, no tie happened, we were talking about the final five ranking, and then he tried to explain they were only basing it on paper. I said I'm sorry sir but I'm afraid I didn't get a clear explanation from you...the conversation ended shortly as I thanked them for the good experience that I had.

As much as I wanted to help them sort out the truth, it did not come out...I'm sorry, I was ready to settle things out and even submit myself to whatever decisions they had, grant that I knew the truth. I perfectly understand their priorities, there are future projects at stake, thus I was willing to help and forget about getting what was rightfully mine. But much to my disappointment, I did not get an honest and clear explanation...

I have always been a fighter of the truth, its in my blood, my mom instilled it in me. Sorry I will not let this pass... Hopefully the video of the pageant will speak for itself...

It doesn't end here, I am still very thankful because I had a wonderful experience, I think that despite what happened I was still able to achieve my goal - to spread the message of diversity in the Philippines. I think I have contributed, in my own little way, to counter the negative judgment put upon gay people in this unique society which practically works on class system, "capitalism" and sometimes homophobia.

To Mr. Gay World Philippines... I truly wish you the best

Thank you Boy Abunda for reassuring me during our private talk and telling me I had the better hand in the competition. Thank you Melo for being one of the judges and for telling me I was number one in your tally. Thank you Raymond Lee for being one of the judges and telling me the same thing. Thank you Joel Cruz for also being one of judges and choosing me to get your special award. Most importantly Thank you Direk Ronald Carballo for that hug which comforted me, thank you for standing up for me even for that slight moment and telling me there might have been a technical error and that the ranking might have been turned upside down. Thank you to the rest of the judges who also thought I deserved the title...thank you

What went wrong?
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