28 November 2009

Love a Positive

Dear Friends,

There is NO shame in having HIV.
And I'm afraid gays are the worst culprits.
Why do so many gays discriminate against men with HIV when it comes to relationships and long term 'marriage' with an HIV positive person?
Some think they are 'better' because they don't have HIV.
So silly when it's really just the luck of the draw.
Grow up queers and find yourselves a positive lover.
Because HIV positive people need a ton of love too.
NOT rejection due to a positive HIV status.

I'm so proud to be on this fantastic new journey of discovery.
So get tested and follow my lead because life is great.
Trust me, it's MUCH better knowing.
I have never felt so great about my future.

You can love someone who has HIV if you don't.
Of course you can.
To not be with someone due to their HIV is your loss.
It's actually the perfect combination.
One positive and one negative.

Together, we can all build a new society.
A society where people who have ANY disease are treated with the same respect, dignity, consideration and love as any other person who is considered 'healthy'.

I'm very healthy, happy, and some even say hot! (hahahaha)
And I have HIV...

and a beautiful, smart, clever boyfriend who does not.
We've been together for two years already.
No problem.
Just our pure love.
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