31 December 2009

A Resistant Strain, Oh Man!

An HIV/AIDS patient waits for treatment at Wat Phrabatnampo near Lopburi, Thailand on Wednesday, July 28, 2004. (AP / David Longstreath)

Dear Readers,

I was sooooo upset to read this article today. (link below)
Not the best way to start the new year.
My heart aches for any man, woman or child who dies from AIDS.
Please help me!
Please help me annihilate the STIGMA attached to HIV/AIDS.
No human being deserves to be "cast out" of society.
In the Philippines, men are STILL being "shut out" and they retreat to the provinces to..... die.....alone.
My core is in terrible distress thinking about any person who dies a slow death from AIDS OR ANY OTHER disease without loved ones around them.

I beg you all, please become more informed about HIV/AIDS and how EASY it is to pass it on.....to the person you love most.

Do NOT discriminate.
Do NOT think you are better than.....
Be SAFE! (It's still heaps of fun!)


Click HERE to read article- resistent HIV strain CTV
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