16 December 2009

Tigers Sex Steroids and Divorce

The Mirror reports that Tiger Woods' wife Elin Nordegren may be seeing celebrity lawyer Sorrell Trope as soon as next week. According to the article, "Elin is believed to be planning to file for divorce in California -- where the couple have a home -- and not Florida, where they live." Filing for divorce in California would increase the chances that the couple's property would be split evenly between the two.

Dear Readers,

It seems that the dream could be over for Associated Press "Athlete if the Decade" Tiger Woods. (click here to read article)

Poor Tigers' life must be a nightmare now with the fresh news that his gorgeous Swedish wife Elin will file for divorce as early as next week.

Oh Tiger, where did it all go wrong?
Oh yeah, that's right.... you had over twenty affairs behind your wife's back.
Naughty Tiger.

I hope it was worth it mate.

And now this potentially very messy steroid scandal.....

"If Woods is on Illegal drugs, it Would Make PED Scandals Seem Tame" (Associate Press Tiger Woods Potential Drug Scandal)

NAUGHTY TIGER- Wife Elin will file for divorce

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