30 January 2010

Always Fuck With Condoms!

I love using my condoms.
You can buy ones now that you can hardly feel.
Just put a bit of lubricant inside and I tell you, it's fabulous!
I prefer condom blow jobs to a bare mouth now because I know it's safe!
My partner is HIV negative so it's natural that I've developed a psychological fondness for them.
I never want to put my lover at risk.
I'm blessed to have him and his good health is crucial just like mine is.
Protecting my lover from my HIV is the most important thing when it comes to our sex.
Safe sex is the most important thing for us within our relationship but it does not dominate our landscape.
Quite the contrary.

If you truly love your partner, then you should love condoms too.
No matter your HIV status or theirs.

A blow job with a condom is fantastic and the risk is nil!
You can suck all night and you're safe.
Fucking with a rubber is fantastic as well.
You last longer and you have to focus!
Cumming inside someone is stupid.
Just plain stupid!

Sex is amazing, there's no question.
But why would you trade five minutes of crazy passion for twenty five years of health worries and concern?
Getting fucked with a condom is so much better than bareback.
Because you can fall asleep in each others arms and not worrying about HIV or any other STD!
Or being pregnant!

Use condoms.
If you really love your mate then it should come naturally.
It's 2010.

No one is safe.
Unless you use condoms.
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