06 January 2010

Martha Loves Her Gays

We love you Martha!

The special wedding issue featuring Jeremy and Andrews'wedding

I was in heaven looking at the pictures. (link below)

Blogger Jeremy Hooper talks about being featured with his husband, Andrew Shulman, as the first gay couple in Martha Stewart Weddings

Dear Readers,

I'm getting married in less than two months so this story was very inspirational.
I wish gays and lesbians could marry in the Philippines.
We can only dream.
I can't believe I'll be an actual husband soon.
Married to my true love.
A Filipino.

Click the links below to read their great story and some pretty marvelous pictures.

Click HERE to read the article- Martha Stewarts Gay Wedding Couple!

Click HERE to view GORGEOUS pictures from the wedding and watch the ceremony! I LOVE IT!
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