05 January 2010

On My Own

I know I've written about Lea before, but I just love her so much.
I doubt anyone (apart from her hard core gay fans) has her complete collection of released recordings.
But I do thanks to itunes, my fierce Lea friends in New York and Mikey and Great in Manila.
Lea, Elaine Paige ,Betty Buckley and Patti Lapone are the four corners of my Broadway universe. Hahahaha, so gay!
I loved Lea in Miss S before I even met a Filipino.
It's so amazing how the world works because to me, Lea was just Asian back then, I was young and had no idea she was a Fiipina. To me she was just a tiny little power house. Hahaha.

I can watch this Miz clip a MILLION times because Miz was my second Broadway show after CATS!
Fantine was my triumphant heroin and her scene at the gates reduced me to tears.
On My Own is still a heart breaker for me.
I love.

Since I was 19 I loved her because she was always the star of Les Miz.
The lines outside in the snow were to see her. So tiny and powerful everyone wrote.
She was "mesmerizing" they wrote and she was reported to "never miss her top notes".

LONG before I ever went to the Philippines I loved Salonga.
Long before I ever knew a Filipino......... let alone marry one.....I listened to her music.
I LOVED cameron MacIntosh when I was in my early teens.
He is a Canadian after all.
Lea is a true star!
I listen her music when I want to really escape and I listen for her inflections closely.
She is a true talent.
She makes me feel better.
I really listen closely to her voice.
Some people forget how amazing she is and they take her for granted I reckon.
And Lea was INCREDIBLE at Corys funeral.
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