28 January 2010

Tigers' Bi Stripes

Tiger is a machine.. in more ways than one.

Tiger Woods' GAY SEX?
Loredana Jolie's Juicy Claim

Tiger Woods' sex fantasies are "not normal," according to the Playboy model who claims to have slept with the golfer. Loredana Jolie told the New York Post that Tiger "would engage in sex from 9 p.m. until the sun came up the next morning."

She also says Tiger "likes role-playing, he likes to be the guy in control and wearing a suit while there are girls performing girl-on-girl and guys entertaining guys."

Jolie, who was born in Italy and was allegedly "one of [Tiger's] favorites," is "not really sure rehab for sex addiction will help him." She previously claimed Woods had sexual encounters with men.

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