04 February 2010

Boracay's Mary Destroyed

Dear Readers,

This is a catastrophe of the highest degree!
The statue of Mother Mary on Boracay has been destroyed.
SMASHED to bits!
It's too sad for words if you ask me.

I can't believe it because I would go there when I was sad and the spot would immediately make me feel better. There were rosaries there and I put one of my own on the tree.

I can't believe someone so evil could do this.
I just can't believe it.

As you might have heard or read from Facebook that someone smashed and burned the statue of Mother Mary @ Willy's rock in boracay.

Contrary to popular belief, it was not an act of vandalism by a tourist. It was destroyed for "religious" reasons.. and I know who it is..

I got some inside info that the peson who ordered this.. was none other than "Bebot Gadon," daughter of the Willy from Willy's Beach Resort. Apparently, they changed their religion from Catholic to be born again christians.

Willy is the brother of Wilbek, who is seeking for the mayoral office this coming May. I know this may be seen as a political issue soon but let me reiterate that Wilbek HAD NO HAND on this violent action whatsoever. It was all Bebot's idea. Wilbek is actually still a loyal catholic and would clearly protest against this.

I just received word from the island too that the priests and the nuns there are already raising and protesting this issue to the local government..

This MUST be investigated!
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