06 February 2010

My Thunder Bay

Lyrics/Rapping By: Jordan Burnell Beat By: Andrew Michael Video By: Matt Popowich Co-Producer: Ronnie LaVia Westfort Films

My grade school chum Martin sent me this fantastic video this morning depicting my home town of Thunder Bay Ontario. I must admit I was a bit shocked to see Thunder Bay being celebrated in this video, especially to music.
Growing up in the East End of Thunder Bay had it's challenges for a gay kid, there's no question. However my friends in grade school (Colette, Angel, Martin, Rosie and Susie) were the best and they provided me with some buffer against the harshness of the small paper mill town.
I left town very early, and I'm all grown up now and this video made me realize that.
The city of my birth really is beautiful not only because my start in life took place there but also because my Mummy and my family live there too.
And we all need family.
Even me.
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