26 February 2010

Show Them The Money


Shocked? For sure. STUPID? Most def!

I'm not the only one dying of suspense here....waiting for the foreclosure and eviction outcome for the Karin Upton Baker family. (I Google her everyday waiting patiently with the rest of Sydney for news)
The shiteous Australian papers have not yet followed up with fresh blood words on Karin Upton Baker and the possibility that she and her family may be thrown out of her Elizabeth Bay mansion over a skyrocketing yet to be paid debt.
I have a feeling Karin will somehow miraculously survive this intact.....
Rich people like Karin and he uber loser husband "property developer" Gary Baker always seem to survive.
I like Karin and I hope she recovers from this. I really do.
But I also lost most of my respect for her after she played the "me just wifey, me so dumb"card.
Loser move Karin.
You worked so hard and now we all just think you're a Tupperware wife.
Led on a chain by your husband.
Not at all a high powered executive I once thought you were.
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