04 April 2010

Why I Blog #237

It was the other year that I begun following a principled man on his blog. I wasn’t a techie person but I love reading. His was a fight for his rights and against a Filipino who stashed away his savings, unmindful of his present condition. He is HIV positive, good thing about it, he is proud and never let this challenge hinder his moving on.

He is Brian Gorrell and he is one of the reasons why I am also blogging. He has captured the attention of a lot of people and those who understood his plight and those who are against his former lover’s vices and alleged crimes, as well as his gang who is composed of some well to do and old clans in Metro Manila.

Brian is gay which I could also relate as I am also such and like him, I am proud to be gay. What makes him different from me is I am not HIV positive but what he taught me was to stand up and advocate against the spread of HIV and AIDS in the Philippines and that is the heart and soul of this blog. That is why you will find here articles regarding the basics of HIV, AIDS in the Philippines and other issues which admittedly are not talked about in circles and coffee tables because of embarrassment and other conservative outlooks in life which tends to sacrifice life itself. Discussing health issues and societal concerns should never be a taboo. We should not be scared or embarrassed to discuss “sensitive” things like this for after all, it is our health that is at stake. I would rather remain healthy than rich and beautiful, as my close peer once said. And i agree, with being healthy (and sexually active), I could reap riches with hard work and focus, don’t you think?

I wish to thank Mr. Gorrell for the inspiration. I hope that a lot more of Brian’s kind will also share their pieces of life for after all, we can never survive the intricacies of this darn thing called life when we are alone.

Well, could I ask, have I put my message across? Sure do, I hope. I wish I could hug Brian, though and give him a pat in the back. Good luck mate! THANK YOU FOR BEING AN INSPIRATION.

P.S. Here is Mr Brian Gorrell. Sorry that I have to steal this photo of you,
Brian but you look gorgeous on this shot!

Thanks June.
I'm pleased to know it was all worth it!
If I've only inspired one person, well at least I did something.....
I don't mind that you used my pictures.
Anyone can have anything of mine.
The only thing I have copyright over is my heart which is very safe and secure.

Thanks again.
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