27 May 2010

MISSING: Have You Seen Baby Marwin Tallud?


Name : Marwin Tallud
Age : 2 years old, male
Address : 648 Quezon Boulevard, Quiapo, Manila
Birthday : 23 December 2007

Marwin was last seen on the sidewalk along Quezon Boulevard, Quiapo, Manila
According to his father, Edwin Tallud, Marwin was allegedly taken by a woman.

Have you seen this beautiful child?
Do you have any information regarding his whereabouts?

If you do, please contact
Maricel Tallud (Marwin's mother) @ 0922 341 4311 / 734 0091
Cecil Martinez (Marwin's aunt) @ 0922 340 2266 / 749 6411

Please help reunite Marwin with his loved ones, dear readers.
Please help spread the word.

My special thanks to TJ for his concern, and taking the time and effort to write me an e-mail about this unfortunate incident.

Your Name: TJ
Your Email Address: ************.com
Subject: Brian, regarding a lost child baby Marwin
Message: hi there Brian, i am actually desperate for your help thats why i am writing you this letter. I would not even try to contact you in the first place if i dont believe and trust your advocacy. I am one of the quiet ones backing you up eversince this big scandal regarding the gucci gand exploded.

I write this letter in the hopes that maybe you would be able to help this child's family reunite with baby Marwin. You have a strong following so i know this can help finding the lost child. A lot of people read your blog. And i know you love kids... i hope to hear from you again. If it is ok with you Brian, i have the picture and the info of the missing child. it was said that he was abducted by some syndicate. So most probably he's now a begging for alms in the streets of manila. Hes only 2 Brian. he needs to be home. Thank you so much for the time... May God continue to bless you and your health.

Your Name: TJ
Your Email Address: ************.com
Subject: Lost child.
Message: Hello there Brian,

This is actually the second time iam sending you an email. First was when your blog suddenly disappeared ( that was around 3 yrs ago i think )... now i am asking a very huge favor from you. I know how much you love kids...so am I. I feel sorry for the parents of this child so i am humbly asking a request that maybe you can feature him in your blog. he's only 2 years old and he's been missing. You have a very large following and i am certain that it can help find baby Marwin. He deserves to be home. The parents did everything, they even went to abs cbn but they were just shooed away. One of the reason why i emailed you is because i know you have a good heart. thank you so much! I do pray that your blog will be God's instrument to save baby Marwin from harm. he's jus a baby.

here's the link of the picture

and here are the important infos:

Name: Marwin Tallud
age : 2 years old / Male
Address: 648 Quezon Blvd.Quiapo Manila
bday : Dec.23,2007
Place where he was abducted: Quezon Blvd, Quiapo Manila

Father: Edwin Tallud
Mother: Maricel Tallud : 0922 341 4311 / 734 0091
Auntie: Cecil Martinez : 0922 3402266 / 7496411
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