25 June 2010

Why I Blog #239

Together, we make a difference.....

Subject: HIV and my brother

Message: hi

I just wanted to share a sad story...2 weeks ago, my brother took his own life.

He was gay, but this we knew long ago.
What we found out after he died was that he was HIV positive.

We had no idea and what we gathered from his friends was that he did not want to tell me and my mom.
He didn't want to burden us with the worry and most probably with the shame.

I regret that I did not show him that no matter what we will support him, that we didn't always let him know we accepted him. he was probably correct in assuming that we would be shocked and ashamed, but i will never be able to let him know that this would be an initial reaction and eventually we would learn to accept and live with this.

bryan, i hope you continue educating people about safe sex and reaching out to those who have HIV. i hope cases like what happened to my brother will be diminished.
thanks for listening.

We didnt let others know how he died because we wanted to preserve his memory as a happy person...

though you don't know me, just telling you this makes feel like my load is a bit lighter. I have been reading your blog though since its inception. I may not always agree with your views but you have given me a lot of insight and perspective in the last 2 years

Stay well.


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