25 August 2010

Epic FAIL!

and this too..... shocking
How incredibly disrespectful these men are to use the scene of such a tragic event as a back drop for a snap shot.
This image just disgusts me to the core because it speaks to the central core issue of this massacre.
This image makes sense considering the general lack of value put on human life in the Philippines.
For both foreigners and Filipinos alike.

The police in this picture are throwing acid on the already blistering wounds of those who are suffering because of the mad disgruntled ex cop gunman who murdered their loved ones in cold blood.

Three Chinese Canadians were murdered on that bus which has shocked Canada only a week after the torture scandal explosion.
It's too much.

Carnage bus.

And these policemen want a picture in front of it?

There is no wonder as to why this was such a enormous blunder of epic proportions!
It's all showbiz to most Filipinos.
The media is as responsible as the PNP.

Where is the value for life in this Catholic country?
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