10 October 2010

Kitty Dishes Litter on BB

Part 1/3

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

About a BBBoy

No one wants to be seen as a poor judge of character so why didn't anyone in the fashion media bother to research? We are lucky to live in a time when Google has replaced the Dewey Decimal System yet when someone from the fashionable set (Marc Jacobs, are you there?) deems someone or something cool, no one checks.

The fashion pack is indeed a herd. Take the shearling aviator jacket this season--an 'investment buy' even if it makes you look like Quasimodo in an Elizabethan collar made of carpet remnants.

Enough ranting. Now for my story....

Before this fashion blogger from the Philippines was hosted by fashion brands and had a Marc Jacobs bag named after him, he had to position himself in cyberspace society and shop until his friends dropped him.

Like Bernie Madoff and Ken Starr, he used other people's money. Maybe he still does!!!

Like many of us, the Boy doesn't carry cash and always uses credit cards but the cards are not (quite) his. They could be yours, though.
He manages to use numerous credit cards under different names and has even blackmailed someone into paying for his first trip to Australian Fashion Week because the organizers weren't willing to fork over the cost for him to go down under.

He is a member of creditboards.com, a site for people with bad credit or those who want to acquire credit without collateral or a job. Or rich parents. He was active in one forum on "Getting a Sears credit card..." Last time I checked, there ain't no Lanvin at Sears. Maybe HnM.

Like Bernie Madoff and Ken Starr at the height of their popularity and wealth, he is sought after.

BBbbut things didn't start off that way...
He anonymously started a local Philippine gossip site called chikatime.com, got caught and had to close it down due to insistent public demand, insults and lawsuits that were hurled at him. Also "due to insistent public demand," Nokia pulled out of an advertising campaign. He was removed from the Philippine edition of Project Runway before its first season was ovah!

If that's not last season enough....

Unlike Bernie Madoff and Ken Starr, he is not smart enough to manipulate funds to finance multiple homes, yachts, art, jewels and dodgy investments. He merely spends on bags, shoes and incidental travel. Okay, small time. (If you steal, wouldn't you have to steal big 'because you're worth it?" How you gonna "sweat glitter?")

You would think he would want a lot more because of where he came from. I guess his Momma didn't teach him that you have to reach for the moon because if you miss it, at least you'll end up with stars.
(Mind you, I admire people who have no education and manage to go from rags to riches through hard work and not credit card scamming. After all, it is the success story of many immigrant familes)

He may have Globe Trotter luggage but a globe trotter and fashion connoisseur he is not.

His family is so far from rich that they not only live in the outskirts of Manila but in one of the poorest outskirts of the Philippine capital--think close to homeless, probably without a proper address. The Philippines is 80% poor and he falls into that category. And this is not 'a good look.'

The Boy is so poor that he lives in a shack made of aluminum siding (if it has not been washed away by recent floods) near the national maximum security prison.

His sister was so happy when she got an internship at a local radio station because they had a food allowance. Apparently, in their household, they have no money for food.

But they have LOTS of handbags. So how does he finance la vida nada?

Wait for my next post.


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