28 October 2010

Straight Brit Boys Can't Stop Kissing Each Other

In a new study done by a sociologist at Bath University,

89% of straight-identifying high school and university boys said they had kissed male friends. 37% had experienced "sustained" kissing with male friends. What the bloody 'ell is going on?

Well, oddly enough, credit sport for inciting the trend.

The trend toward male same-sex smooches has skyrocketed in recent years, [researcher Eric] Anderson said. It began on the professional soccer field, where players often share exuberate kisses after goals. That made kissing between men acceptable for college and high-school players, Anderson said. Then the players took the same behaviors to nights out in pubs, spreading the trend to non-athletes.

Despite stereotypes of the homophobic jock, athletes were more likely to have kissed another man than non-athletes. Just over 80 percent of non-athletes had kissed a man, compared with 95 percent of athletes.

Of the guys in the study who hadn't shared a same-sex kiss, all found the practice acceptable. One student who had never kissed another lad joked with the researchers that when he told his friends about the study, they'd probably ensure that his classification changed. That night, Anderson received a text from the student reading, "I'm in the majority now."


So here's the deal, gay teen boys living in America. You know where it apparently gets better, really quickly? Britain. Tell your dad to take that job transfer! Find a summer school in London! Do something! Anything that will get your kiss-starved little self to Britain. It's like the Russian field trip episode of Skins come to life up in that bitch.

Meanwhile, here in the States,
the gays are increasingly allowed to kiss. On TV's saddest show, Glee, gay Kurt will receive a gay kiss on the next episode. Progress! It paves the way for Corey Monteith and Chord Overstreet to make out for an hour next season, right? Talk about sustained.
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