27 March 2011

Armageddon Kuwait Desert Storm

My much adored mildly OCD afflicted papa lives in Kuwait and sent me a link to this amazing and very much terrifying footage that was taken during the all encompassing sandstorm (sand+OCD=OMFGNBD ) that blanketed Kuwait in a matter of minutes last Friday, leaving the entire population covered in dust and darkness.

Poor daddy is STILL cleaning his flat.

Just like the recent horribly destructive tsunamis, sandstorms can't be stopped by man or anything else for that matter once they take off.
Lately, it feels as though the earth is really pissed off at us for some reason.

We've treated our planet so terribly since we 'leased' it from the universe.

It's no wonder why it's freaking out!

This powerful clip is just another reminder (among many recent ones) that we as individuals, small groups or collective masses pale significantly against the immense power of the universe, mother nature and of course God.

And we all have to believe in at least one of them.
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