09 March 2011

Broke Tim Yap Scams GLOBE

What other reason would an accused drug trafficker/pusher have for not paying his bills?

When will GLOBE (people in general) realize that they're all being scammed by Tim Yap?
Are Filipinos really this desperate to have such a groundhog day carnivalesque one trick pony lead the way towards even more conscious free debauchery. Why do they continue to crawl towards his particular putrid brand of stench? What secrets does Tim know?
And whose?

Tim reminds me of the tragic Imelda Marcos.
They are so very much alike in so many ways.
Both are still scamming the country all the while feeling 'above' the country itself.
They all scam really, but Tim is the master scammer.
Is Tim (treacherous Tim my friend at the Star calls him) starting to lose some of his 'shine'.
Yaps multiple thefts of mostly mediocre concepts are being chatted about (uttered perhaps by his salivating society interns/slaves/writers because they get paid nothing really and MUST be a rich kid to pip the post)!
Tim just teaches the rest how to scam using as much glitter and disco balls you can.
Filipinos are easily dazzled by good lighting and glitter.
He knows that.
We all know that.

"The cell phone bill of a lifestyle writer (TIM YAP)accumulated to a six digit figure I think he does not only answer/make calls when he is overseas. My hunch is that he runs a cell phone marathon every time he travels. With such a big usage, the management of this telecommunications company should be treating him like royalty. However, in this case, he was not. He was actually being contacted by the company's collection department because he refused to pay for the bill.

After months of not settling his outstanding bill, the media department of this company invited him for a dialogue. In the meeting, he proposed to published several press releases in exchange of his unpaid bill. Since the company wants to maintain a good relationship with this writer, the company had no other choice but to accept his offer."

Will shamed gutless Tim Yap say sorry again- this time to GLOBE for this obvious scam?
I doubt it.
Scamming is just what Tim does.
For a living.
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