06 March 2011

Galliano VS Racism in the Philippines

I'm SICK TO DEATH of having to read and listen to the same people (weak journalists among them) in the Philippines CRYING racism whenever they feel like it.

The Philippines is one of the most racist countries on this earth for goodness sakes.

And you don't even have to leave the country to see it everywhere you turn and look.

The hardest part for me living on Boracay was seeing how these ‘dark’ people are treated.

‘Their’ land was stolen and now even the tourists ignore them taking their lead from the locals who actually encourage them to ignore the indigenous Aeta people.

It’s disgusting to see them begging while others are eating a P5000 dinner twenty feet away.

They are forgotten.

And now ‘they’ beg with those sickly looking babies latched on to crusty nipples with little or no nutrients.

All the while hundreds and thousands walk by, ignoring the desperate visual plights.

It's truly appalling having to read the sanctimonious bullshit comments coming from the country with regards to John Galliano and his drunken anti Semitic rants in a Paris cafe.

The calls for a boycott in the Philippines are a joke.

I deleted at least 20 people on my Facebook due to their ignorant calls for a boycott (which would effect 450 jobs) of John Galliano.

These same people worship Imelda the plunderer and then they join the bandwagon boycotting a fashion designer?

That is so fucked up.

NO ONE in the Philippines should be bragging about boycotting John Galliano!

NOT while so many OTHER Filipinos are starving for food, medical attention and a proper education!

GET REAL with your guilt ridden shameful 'boycott' you spoiled rotten evil materialistic Manila bitches.

How did YOU get enough $$$$ to buy John Galliano anyways?

You live in a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY right?

Where did YOUR parents get their money?????

Are the Philippines really a third world country?

Some of you can actually boycott Galliano?

Wow, how lucky are you folks?

I want to name names here on this blog, but those days are over.

YOU know who you are!

The Philippines is so full of materialistic shallow insecure ugly nobodies creating more materialistic armies of nobodies.

I call these people Imelda spawn.


The scurrilous excretions that they are need to be destroyed.



It’s all about hair, beauty, makeup, clothes, fashion, dancing, surgery, drugs, food and repeat.

Sometimes I call my facbook, my shallowbook due to the fact that so many people on Facebook seem to care about nothing but their aforementioned addictions.

It's so easy for some to accuse others of racism... all the while, being HUGE racists themselves.

Let's face it folks- EVERYONE is racist in one way or another... even if it's just within your own race.

It's the SAME thing.

Racism is racism.

If you treat your 'darker' people like they are invisible (Pygmies, Negritos and Aeta)... then you are a racist too!

Keeping people beach/street nude poor in order to feel better about your own life is selfish, cruel and racist.

Lift them up instead of keeping them down.

Philippines... PLEASE stop with all this knee jerk reactionary shouts of 'You're all racists!' to the world bullshit whenever the truth of others strikes too close to home.

Look inwards for once instead of wanting and needing desperately to blame others for your own doings failings and faults.

Just saying.

It gets VERY boring.

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