11 August 2011

Back in Daddy's Arms

Dear Readers,

After 3 long years, my precious and beloved dog Pickles finally arrived in New York from Sydney Australia after her two and a half day journey. When I saw my baby Pickles appear in the airport cargo arrival area, I ran to free her from her crate and scooped her up into my arms giving her a million kisses, not sure if she even remembered who I was. I can't explain in words how happy I was when I saw her for the first time since I left Australia. I was often sad when I remembered leaving Sydney and seeing her pretty little eyes staring at me as I was walking out the door as if to ask "Where are you going daddy"? I swear I thought she was saying this to me with her eyes. My heart was soooo broken when I left my baby in Sydney. I cried for hours on the plane.
But I know my dear readers are animal lovers so I don't have to explain those feelings between all of us and our children pets.

It was one of the best days of my life when we reunited , never to part again.
I love you Pickles.
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