11 September 2011

Diary of a Tortured Heart

My cat Kushbud

The Other Son

I know what love is, I'm not only their child
I feel some shiver but not from the usual suspect
Shivers underneath me settled, fancy bedding at war with that misery gritty sand pillow scratching my head
Threatening always to sweep away good waves for a drowning
Tsunami like disappointments leaving me washed backwards barefoot

I am great love effortless and I am bound so naturally and offered up
From my hands together drink and be drunk with life
Take all and keep close your own hearty needs
Forget any needs of this weak weed but remain yourself floating caressed by that aromatic breeze
Birthed bathed and sacrificed with that deep cleansing care and concern for some cruel happy opposite over the rainbow

I'm going to hold my breath until someone is honest
I will surely die waiting whilst trying to be better still
With no need of them I am still
Empty yes quite and sad and tired yes and angry still
Men are weakness and marry me quick

I worship justly without any regret
Myself with low regard and such endless bulimic love
Love and scare away and I expect nothing but a purge
Just freedom to start again after the knife
But any man will take it all as I give it all

Leaving this world for some brings long awaited riches
Pain and suffering on the pike for Maisie
Perfect blonde country curls driving around looking for Jack
Place to place searching for peace and comfort and him
Now there is no more pain and loneliness

A vase of flowers holds timely secrets and vibrates until the wilt
Pollination keeps humming crops bright and upright and truthful
Empty and sad left with only traces of a great blooming cross
I can make it to heaven alone like her
Having never ever really needed a guide

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