23 March 2008

Enderun College... All of Montano's Men


It's all one can say.

I undersatnd that as a result of this blog, Mr. DJ Montano has lost his job at The 'Enderun College' where he taught young people. I mean, it's where he used to teach young people. He has been terminated.

What about you STAR?
I am watching your paper very carefully.
How it responds.

Thank you to the informer who contacted me by phone this morning.
It was early, but worth it.

You don't deserve to teach young people Montano.
You are a thief and a fraud who has my money.
I NEED it back Delfin.
I am desperate for it DJ.
How can you do this to me?

Shocked at the number of people who have e mailed me so far.
Blown away.
Yahoo has stepped in to assist me.
Thank you Yahoo.

Almost six thousand e mails.


I may never have the time to get to them all.
Although I do have friends helping me.

The e mails are both comforting and inspiring.
I want my readers to vent.
Get it out.
If its too shocking, I won't post it.

But I have been VERY fair with the things I let through.
But I MUST sometimes.
Naughty comments.
He he he.

Wow, there is so much BRILLIANCE in the Philippine's.
Brilliant minds, souls and hearts.
Yeah, sure people bitch a bit in the comments section.
But really, you have to get over it. Accept it as a part of the conversation.

Be proud. Not ashamed.

If your name in mentioned, you have to deal.
You are there for a reason.
You contribute.
To the scam.
In some way.
If not , clear your name.
Welcome to the real world dearies.

But I am REALLY going to try to send a hello to every person...... I promise.

Its amazing.
Keep sending the e mails please.
My mom reads them out loud.

This conversation has begun on the back of my loss.
I'm ok with that. I'm getting better.
Believe it or not.
I am willing to keep my blog current if my readers understand that,
sometimes I am mean and bitchy. I have to enter this 'mode' in order to 'get it out'.
It's not really who I am.
But I am willing to suffer for this blog.
And for balance.

Because I am DETERMINED to recover my money from DJ.

I will NEVER give up.

This is only just the beginning.

I know more and I have more ideas.
Pressure. My Australian Embassy. Australian Federal Police. Interpol.
I have strength and energy to fight. I feel empowered. I used to feel helpless. Really helpless.
But not any more.
My dignity is at stake.
I'm not only doing this for myself.
I will not rest until I have my money back in the bank where it was before I met the love bandit.

70,000 dollars worth of time I have.

Many men have contacted me. Many gay men who 'get it'. And many straight men as well.
They all seem to understand.
They understand fully what is driving me.
Fueling me.
Stoking the fire.


FIVE of DJ's ex's have contacted me. Count them. That's FIVE.

Thank you VERY much for your beautiful e mails.
I know these guy's or know about them.
DJ would NEVER mention his ex's. I would have to pry information out of him.

I met one of them once.
Really cute. So sweet.
At a club. I was with the ex.
I had only just arrived from Australia.
Hick in a club.
DJ was jittery as soon as he appeared.

The BF didn't think I knew who he was.
DJ was elsewhere at one point.
I took the opportunity to speak to him.
Wow, he was so adorable.
How does DJ get them?
Oh yeah, I remember.......

Anyway's, this hottie ex was VERY sweet to me.
I really thought he was sexy. Deliciously calm and cool leaning on the rail.
Yummy Pinoy!

At one point, he looked over at his girlfriend and said something to the effect that I had no idea who he was.
I did F.
The entire time we were talking, I knew who you were. I was a bit jealous. He he.

You see F, I was DYING to know about DJ's previous life.
Things were not lining up for me.
DJ's stories were not panning out.
Lies were being told to me.
My money was at stake.
My future.

I did know who you were F.
DJ said you cheated on him and broke his heart.
He told me you gave him a nervous breakdown.
Wanted him for his family's money.
Is that true F?
Because I think it's a load of rubbish.
I am happy that you got away from him.
You are too young to deal with his particular brand of deception.
Too beautiful.

I always wanted to talk to you again F.
When I was in deep pain after losing my savings, I was reaching out to anyone who would help me understand.
I made calls from my hotel room the night of our tumble. Crying and desperate.
E mails were fired off like bullets from a semi automatic.

I thought of you F.
I wished I had bumped into you out there in the world.
I wanted to talk to you.
I needed help. A hug.
The help of an ex of my ex.
All of DJ's victims deserve better in life.
Including myself.

The ex's all told me that they too had turbulant times with Mr. M.
Yes, money played a big part in all relationships.
Money and deception.
He struggles with the truth.
He lacks a compassion chip.

It goes with the territory men.
We all wanted to change him.
Make him better.
FIX him.
But we all failed.
We never stood a chance.

Oh well.
All the power to you men.
We are all survivers of the wicked one.
And I feel honored to be in such company.
He did this to himself.
He has no one to blame but the vision he see's in the mirror looking back.

The mirror.
Which we all know, he spends an awful lot of time in front of.

I am overwhelmed at the number of pictures that are being thrown my way.
Keep them coming please.

Happy Easter

Ah yes, the men of Montano.
Who are they?
What did they go through?
Have they recovered?
Will they ever love again?
Ha ha ha.

There is hope for me yet.

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