23 March 2008

Emily Relucio and Albertito Lopez.....Shame on you both.

Dear Emiy and Albertito,

Have a chat with your offspring Folks. She really needs your help. Really! And you better act quick dearest.

Celine needs to wake up and smell the new pot of java brewing on the stove top love.
This is a particularily bitter brew. Hard to swallow. Much after taste.

You know who else has to wake up Emily? Robertito?
Her partner in 'crime', DJ Montano. He has my money. But she gave him permission to keep it. Right Celine?

She knows I have an illness.She knows I have HIV. She did from day one. She knew everything, but turned a blind eye. Blind from too much coke. Right Celine?

You know DJ, right?
Your half son? DJ? You know. The little troll who tricks the world around him.
Uses your families name for 98% of his status.
Now look what he has done.

Delfin Justiniano Ocampo Montano II... aka 'the scammer'.....Talented Mr. Montano. Celine's BFF.

The liar. The thief. The criminal who raped my bank account.
Left it laying there on the ground, bruised and muddy. Bloody. Like a nose rag after too much cocaine at Embassy.
Empty, like my sympathy for you and your family. Empty like my empathy for your useless tired little boy... er, I mean girl. And anyone else who helped propel her and keep her on her very pointy pedestal. A grand collective of greed, rudness and shame.
Emily dear, you are no better then anyone. But you raised your daughter to think she is better then all. I bet your maids hates you. I reckon they just hate your guts. I have heard shocking stories about you M's.
I know Celines maids hate her. She runs them like pack horses. Could you imagine those poor girls keeping up with her. They all deserve a medal.

Put you tiny little heads together and come up with a plan to get me my cash back. You call DJ, and tell his to end this.
Tout suite Ma and Pa. You have to own her now. And the chaos around her. Help them both. Teach them a lesson. One that you have never considered perhaps.

Fairness and honesty.

This queer is getting jumpy.

M's, you failed as a mother. BIG TIME. And your husband, Albertito. Well he is dispicable to the tenth degree. Just another Manila gangster... 'elected' gangster. Lets his kids run around and terrorize others just because they are a Lopez.


You should be embarrassed.

I want my 70,000 dollars.
Celine and DJ. Emily and Pa. Tell DJ to.....


This is no joke. I am about to go to the Australian press with this.
It will blow sky high. Trust me.
I know people in my country. Like DJ "knew'people in yours.

They will hang the lot of you out to dry.
On an international level.
I will shame you all.
I am NOT bluffing Lopez.

Trust me.

They both belong in jail. Your daughter especially. Prison is too good for either of them.
A dark, wet, rat infested stink hole is too good for them.
With zero visitation. Not that there would be any visitors.

You see Emily. I know things. And I will spill.
Spill like a juice bag being held by a three year old.
So far, I have been real nice to the monster you gave birth to.
Horn sprouting deviless that she is.
Real nice.

'Poor Celine', your daughter. She just hangs around, writing shit about shit in her shitty TINY flat for her shitty fucked up paper for her shitty 'enabler' editor. Momma coke head I call her. In a stinky building passing the time between fittings for 'free' dresses.

Celine dear, my college dorm room looked better then your pad. And smelled better too! And there was five boys in my dorm room.

You must be so proud of your little girl Emily. Proud when she commands attention for being what? The lucky off spring from your night of passion with your old man Albertito.
You should have closed your legs that night dear.
Just think how much better Manila would be without your daughter terrorizing it in her FUCKED UP HUMMER.

Spoilt bitch.

It aint armour plated though. Cheapo's.
You must be proud, when she was watching her BFF steal his boyfriends (thats me M's) security, safety, money, sense of peace. All the while, snorting her face off. Most likely with my money. Coke whore Celine. Thats all your daughter is. A common coke whore.
Get your kid off the blow Mom. She is ruining her life and everyone elses around her.

Yes, M's , your daughter is the social boss of Manila. Her and the Yap. Crappy Yappy. UHG! And the Deej used to be. Before this blog began. Bye bye DJ. Bye bye. After you pay up though smurf.

She's the BIG Kahuna. Top 'dog'. The big cheese. And most of all, the ring leader. And your panties dear, have been moist ever since you sacrificed her for your clan. Throwing her out there like a Paris Hilton. Another dumb ass. Selling Celine's soul for your second rate family and third rate fame. Guilt by association Emily. Like mold on cheese.
Your entire part of the Lopez family should hang their collective heads in shame.

But Celine still pays full price for her snow though. I have been told. Discount for bulk though.
She usually buys about ten baggies at a time.
Ka - ching!
She won't give a blowy for her baggie though.
Imagine the cash she would save.
And she could hide her stretch marks with all her fabulous Shu Shemura make up from Tina.

But DJ will do anything for blow.
He will give head for a bump. And finger your ass.
Think of the money you would save Celine if you just sucked cock.
Blow for blow.
Show her how Deej.
But mind your jagged teeth. They hurt.

Oh DJ, the letters I am getting from all over about you.
I don't know what you are going to do dear.

Oh, I know.

Please pay me back DJ. PLEASE. I am begging you to end this for me.
I need the money.
My medication is not cheap.
My HIV is not going away any time soon.
You must feel like such a man stealing money away from me.
I am a man who actually needs his money for survival.

Emily, tell your little girl to get me my money back from DJ.
She knew DJ had it for a long time. She knew I was HIV positive.
She did NOTHING to help me get it back.
Therefore, she is just a quilty as the little bandit.
Two of them.
Linked forever in this blog. For eternity and one more day. In fact, you all are. Welcome to my world.

Linked, until I get paid back.
Then finally,
the lambs will stop screaming.
And we can all get some rest.
And I can shut this blog down.
And go back to my 'real' life

A life full of friends and love and cuddles and kisses.
My precious dogs who don't know anything about this horrible situation I am in.
My mother is standing beside me, telling me to FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT son.
My mother raised a good boy.
My honour is at stake.
The honour she raised.

Western Union is my prepered method of payment.
Like yours was Montano.
You tiny little 'man'.

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