23 March 2008

Feeling Great Today... Cheers Readers. Cheers.

I woke up this morning on fire.
More determined then ever to get my money back.
It's all about the principle.
At this point.
I'm burning up with all the energy I have for this fight.
The gloves are off for this round.

I posted this picture because some people are worried about me.
Rest assured, I am fine.
My family and friends have been extremely supportive.
Today I am VERY happy to be alive.
Holding a baby makes me weak at the knees.
They smell so perfect and innocent.

I have opened a friendster account.
My privacy is crucial.
But this is another way for people to communicate with me about the bigger issues.
On the computer.
My friendster profile name is brian gorrell

For those readers who feel this blog is losing it's 'focus',
I do not agree. This is my blog and I feel it's heading in exactly the direction I wanted it to.
Yes, people's comments can be a little 'off topic' but why would you care so much?
My posts speak for themselves.
They are at the center of this blog.
My posts.
Not the comments.
Take them or leave them.

I resent the person who wrote in complaining about the 'intelligence level' going down since this blog started.
My objection was never to appeal to any one 'group'.
I was not going after the 'Mensa' people.
To me all the people of your country deserve to vent.
They are ALL intelligent.
Every single one.
Even DJ.
He was cunning.
There is a difference I suppose.

Its called participation.
Everyone should feel involved.

I will get my life savings back.
No doubt about it.

More later......
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