24 March 2008

HOW MUCH is that Doggie in the Window?

FYI readers click to enlarge.

70,000 dollars. Thats how much the doggie is.


Have to told DJ to pay me back yet?
Have you been on the phone with him?
Because Celine darling, only your BFF can fix this.
Make it all go away.
Until he does.
I will be here.
looming over you until I am happy.

Stop hiding behind your family.
Stop hiding behind your friends.
Stop hiding in your dumpy apartment.
Stop hiding behind your little dog.

Your dog is innocent in all of this.
Or is it?

None of them will help you dear.
You or DJ.

Western Union babes.
I'm waiting.

He must really love you Celine?
To put you all through this.


it must be love.

You deserve each other.
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