24 March 2008

A Mothers Child

Photo: DJ's mother and sisters
Now I adore my mother, and would quite easily take a bullet for her. I would stand in front of a firing squad. Which is exactly where some people in Manila want me to do now. Not going to happen.
I would run over shards of glass if I heard her in distress. I would kill for her.
She knows she is worshiped by her boy. By all of her children. She did an excellent job with her babies.

A relationship with your mom is most paramount. Crucial. If your fortunate enough to have one. Which thankfully I was.
Her value system was etched into the very fibre of my being.
A wonderful relationship with your mom is like soul food. Soul food, indeed.

My mother is beautiful, where it counts. On the inside. And outside.

I love you mom. Deeply and forever. You are a tremendous iconic figure to me.
I am blessed to be your child.

I know DJ loves his mother too. I am sure she is a wonderful lady in many ways. However.

DJ's mother has threatened me with deportation if I went to the police about the money her son took from me.
So many threats and lawyers. Why did you hurt me so much dear? You tried to destroy my life.

She has abused me on the phone many times and accused me of rubblish lies that Delfin fed her. You even lie to your mom DJ. You have denied owing me money. How could you look into your mothers eye's and LIE. GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY DJ. I really need it.

I have never mentioned the time when DJ took my ATM card to Manila with out permission. In five days, he took four thousand dollars from my bank. He stole that money from me. STOLE IT. What part of that do you not understand lady? STOLE!!!!! Acted as if it was nothing. He was always snatching my money away. 70,000 dollars snatched by your son dear. Your brother girls. Tell him to give it back. You are ALL accessories to his thievery and crimes unless you convince him to hand over my savings.

He stole almost 250,000 peso's from my hotel room that last day I saw him. HELLO!!! You may we rich dear, but I am not.
Your son screwed me big time. In more ways then one. Only the day before, I sent him 250,000 pesos from Sydney. He just got it all. What ever he wanted, he got. The pressure was extreme. Greedy little creature, your boy.

Yes dear, I understand you are going to protect your child. Bless you. I would expect nothing less of a mother.
But wake up please, because your son had destroyed so much of my life in such a short period of time. I am in shock.

Your boy is a thief. Plain and simple. Thief. Grifter. Bandit. Fake. Heart breaker.

You know I have HIV dear. Your whole family does. But I understand from you that I am going straight to hell because I have HIV. Me? Go to hell? What did I ever do to you or your family? I only loved your boy. Deeply. Gave him everything he wanted.

NOTHING. Thats what I did to your family.
Why is your family torturing me?

Well, I will see your son there in hell as well because he is a the real little devil.
I would rather have HIV, then be your son.
You know I am not well now. You know I have been unwell for a while. But you don't care about me. Your Christian heart has failed you dear.
How can you sleep at night? Knowing your boy took everything from me and then tried to have me deported. Unsuccessfully of course.

He has destroyed the Montano name. Only he can fix this. He has to give me my money back. And I will shut down the blog.

The media is starting to track me down. Stop this dear before it gets too big for either DJ or myself.

I will continue this blog until he pays me back.

I have been approached by different media outlets for my story.

I am prepared to go all public with this.
Only DJ can stop this freight train. Pay me back.

So DJ's mother know he has my money.

You are supposed to be a Christian woman. How can you let your boy steal my savings?



****** note to DJ's sister ********

Sister, what do you think the money I sent you for DJ was for? Did he owe you money and just had me send you thousands of dollars to clear his debt? Did you give the money to DJ after collecting it from Western Union? I want to know what you did with my money. I have your signature on the reciept. I am going to post them on this blog to prove to your mother that I sent all my money to you and your brother Delfin Justiniano Ocamp Montano II.

PLEASE EXPLAIN. And then ask your sibling to be a man and cough up my money that he stole from me.

I will shame your entire family because of DJ's crime against me. No one is meeting me half way. I am going to continue until someone does. I am not going away. Until my security is back in my bank where it belongs.

DJ, do the right thing. Borrow the money from your family. Borrow it from a friend. Just give it to me.

Because I will re open this blog.

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