24 March 2008

Just for You

I never wanted to have a billion visitors to this blog.

Almost 56,000 page visits today though.

Pretty good for a hick from the Aussie bush eh?

The amount of people who have visited has already blown my mind.

No one should be concerned if the numbers on this blog go down.
Its not your blog.
Its my blog.
And I am thrilled.

And the people who visit this blog,
They have no other blog to do it on.
Go ahead.

So for the people who are praying for the demise of this blog,
keep hoping.
Because I am not going away.
The facts remain.

My mom loves my blog and believes in me.
Thats all i care about.
The rest is frosting on the cake.

Why don't you create a blog and see if you can do better.
Go on.
Until then, shut up.
Stay away from my blog if you are against me.
This is a support blog.
Support for me.
And the many others who feel they have no say. No opinion.

No money.

Until then, please leave me to my business.
And stop worrying about my visitors.
The validation of this blog has been established.
Etched in stone.

Getting my savings back from DJ Montano is and has been my goal.
From day one.

NOTHING has changed.
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