06 March 2008

Boracay Bruises....compress please.

Don’t look to me for answers,
I have none.
Only questions of my own.
My feet are on the ground, firm.
But the ground continues to rumble, under me.
Set the table for dinner friend,
I am starved for justice.

Hate me not hater.
My intent is never to harm.
It’s clear to me, as if pre determined, though,
One should not mess with their destiny.
She is a bitch who usually wins.
Cross over to my side.
The view is much better. Serene. Calm. Honest.

Let me replenish your water.
You look parched again. Dizzy. Exhausted from it all.
Lets drink to us, to you and to me.
Take off your coat and let me sing,
Loudly so she hears us shout, and lets me be.
Sweet and delicate.
Hug me please, I need it so much.

Tomorrow is a new day….. again,
Today was once the same. Yesterday.
Dig deep, deeper, deeper still.
The answers are close, closer then you think.
I had them once, but I tossed them away.
Regrettable indeed.
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