10 March 2008

Celine WHO?

Anonymous said...
hey guys, take it easy..i really sympathize w/you brian about how you suffered in the hands of that fake shyster and SOME members in his circle.. but pls don't lump up all the lopezes in one heap - celine only sort of belongs to the fernando lopez line (his dad albertito's one of fernando lopez's kids) which isnt the same as the eugenio lopez (fernando's elder brother)line. in the first place the fernando lopezes aren't as wealthy as the eugenio lopezes. they (fernando) do not own meralco, abs cbn, first gas, etc (the eugenio lopez line does). celine is an aberration. she brags and flaunts about being a lopez when she isn't from the REALLY wealthy lopez side (her dad's a washed out former politician). now the really wealthy (meralco, abs cbn, rockwell) lopezes are very very low profile, sedate, and hardworking and the current patriarch, oscar, has been profiled by forbes has one of asia's biggest philantrophists. in fact, he lives simply and quietly and if you see him, you'd be hard put to fit him in the image people have imagined a lopez to have. besides, there are spanish lopezes who are really out of the social climbing radar. celine is the reina emperatriz nang mga social climber. but then as i said, she is a major aberration in that clan. she's (kinda) rich, but compared to her dad's industrialist lopez cousins who are respectable, quiet and hardworking - she's a poor relative

March 10, 2008 1:53 PM
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