09 March 2008

Davao is Listening

From a reader of this blog.

--- Uno Ayala wrote:

> Dear Brian,
> You and I don't know each other, but apparently like
> many of your readers, I just had to email you to
> tell you that I think what you're doing is
> absolutely admirable.
> Many people here in the Philippines, in Manila
> particularly, are too jaded by all the crime to
> speak up when they are wronged. At the same time,
> many Filipinos are too calloused to feel any guilt
> whatsoever when they start doing wrong by their
> peers as well. It's a sad fact, and being half
> Filipino that's now back to living here in the
> Philippines, I can't help but feel ashamed that it's
> what some people have been reduced to.
> It's very common to see Filipinos cheating here and
> there, but for Celine and DJ and the rest of their
> cohorts, people who put themselves up on pedestals
> and inflate their heads with false concepts of
> privilege and glamor (not to mention all that hot
> air and coke), people who in fact look down on
> other, less-fortunate Filipinos, for them to do
> something as despicable and sickeningly low as this
> is just unacceptable.
> Amidst all this, I'm still very pleased to see that
> someone is not the least bit afraid to stand up to
> this injustice. Kudos to your mother for raising a
> fighter. I'm sure you make her very proud. You see,
> my mother raised a fighter as well, so I can't help
> but feel appreciative of your choice to stand up to
> them.
> I admire your choice of action. And I support your
> cause.
> But it's not just me, you have Davao's support as
> well. I come from Davao City, and this city is like
> a world away from Manila. We're much more honest,
> and less tolerant of acts of inconsideration and
> dishonesty. Not to mention much more reactive to
> such. Your story is spreading, and some friends and
> even some from my family here are helping with that.
> We're sending links to your blog here and there, and
> we're telling your story to all who might hear it.
> And what a great story it is.
> You see, here in Davao we've had enough of this
> hypocrisy the so-called "elite" in Manila so
> fraudulently flaunt. It gives the rest of us
> Filipinos, full, half, or quarter alike a bad name,
> to be honest.
> Just know that you have our support, Brian. We hope
> that you gain some retribution from all this, as
> well as the wisdom and grace that is due to you. God
> bless you Brian. May He keep you strong as well as
> safe from the evil that has wronged you.
> Sincerely,
> Uno Ayala
> P.S. Please don't confuse me for a Zobel, the Ayalas
> of Davao are a completely separate family from our
> Manila counterparts. :)
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