05 March 2008

Come Out!

I have received hundreds e mails from people who have been duped by others. At least twelve where DJ Montano was involved, since Chikatime posted my first of many plea's three weeks ago.

One 'very well known person' is too afraid to tell people what happened to him as DJ threatened to have him fired from his job at Metro Style.

He borrowed money from him family who are now VERY angry with him. He has little chance of getting it back for 'dynastic' reasons ? The press would malign this person and that person. I understand mate. You have to live in Manila. Where as I am in Australia, and away from their threats. I wish I could help you too and print your name. But I get it.

Another won't risk his 'social' position for fear of being 'brown'- listed by the fashion-design industry.

But they have vowed to get revenge... and their investments back from him. Somehow he told me.

I feel so so so sorry for them. I really do.

I know what they are dealing with and what DJ is capable of. LIES, LIES, LIES,LIES and more LIES.

Stay strong boys! Stay focused. He won't be able to rip off anyone else if we all come forward. Strength in numbers. Lets stick together.

I may have been the biggest fool, but you are all true victims, as you still have to see him at functions in and around Manila. Will he ever be stopped?

Who will stop DJ Montano?

Me. That's who.
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