06 March 2008

Up Front and Honest

To answer your questions is no problem for me. I have nothing to conceal or hide. I was tortured in the Philippines because of his threats against my security. But now i have my freedom back.

Yes I am HIV positive. I have never hidden this fact from anyone. I have been positive for seven years. I told DJ from day one. And Celine was made aware as well. Because I told her. DJ almost died. I told him then I have no shame attached to my status. He told me not to tell anyone else. I embrace my status, and celebrate my life every day.

There is no shame in being HIV positive. But it does make you more venerable. In my situation anyways.

I believe he preyed on the aspect of my life. Telling me how he had always wanted to date an HIV positive guy.

I was like, wow, this guy is great. He already knew at this point however that i was self sufficient in the funds department.

I had been staying at the Pen for a while where I met him on a photo shoot for his newspaper. He managed to wrangle a room for a couple of days and followed me around, finally inviting me to his birthday dinner where I first saw him snort drugs. I walked into a bathroom and he had just snorted a line and turned, saw me and was trying to conceal what he had just done. From day one, he had two lives.

2. DJ Montano is not HIV positive. As far as I know.

But he does have other issues that he kept from me until I was well and truly situated on Boracay. I was aware later on in the piece that he was in big trouble financially and had huge debts. But he told me Celine was putting 100,000 dollars into our restaurant Bonza as a silent investor.

So I figured he had a plan. And if she trusted him, well I was OK with it. I really like her at first. Saw a little flicker of humanity in her. Snuffed out for me now though. Vapid nothingness.

Celine Lopez is currently trying to contact me in Australia on my cell.

I sent a text to DJ yesterday telling him I was responsible for the Chika posts.

And to prepare.

I told him before that I was in deep pain and not responsible for my irrational honesty. DJ had drawn a line in the sand and threw me to the wolves on the other side. So now DJ has given my number to Celine so she can finally call me. Wow. To late dear.

With Celine, Its ironic because I have, through out the past year, tried, pleaded and begged her for a dialogue, but you have refused to help me understand what DJ did to me. You helped him fit me up Celine.
you were there. you saw how alone and distressed i was. How could you look the other way Celine? How?

You are truly an ugly girl. You never even bothered to insure I was OK after DJ did what he did to me. My life is not a tele novella Celine. You treated me with disdain and total 'dis' regard. You are DJ's best friend. He announces it. He promotes it, like a product of some sort. You own him.

Don't call me in Australia dear. I am free here. I am through with reaching out to a wispish anomaly. You are irrelevant to me now. You had your chance.

You must take responsibility for your actions Celine. You tell DJ Montano, that he not only broke my bank, but he also broke my heart. Its that organ in your chest dear that beats. At most times in your case erratically.

I am out of your country and away from your threats and hollow sentiments. Grow up Celine. You were BOTH undeserving of any love I ever directed your way. Your best friend is nothing but a sham. Like most of your lives combined.

YES, Of course I have reported him to the Australian police.

And our Embassy is well and truly informed. I called them from the Makati police station last October when DJ was trying to have me arrested for assault.

I could see Celine out in the Hummer thinking the whole thing was just so exciting. Something to do. Drama. Woo hoo! Meanwhile, I'm inside thinking I am going to be sitting in a jail cell the day after arriving from Sydney for defending myself. Knowing at that point that DJ had cleared out of my hotel room taking my things and raided my safe. I told her about the money and she told me to just move on. OK dear, I am moving on.

5. We will continue to pursue my money out of the country with the help of MY infrastructure here in Australia. Not speaking Tagalog was a huge disadvantage for me in the Philippines. Truly puts you out of sorts. We will put into place forensic specialists to help piece together a case we can have him called for. But it is VERY hard to do.
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