06 March 2008

Stop Calling Me, Celine

I am not surprised to be fielding phone calls from DJ and Celine at the moment.

They have called about dozens of times now, but I just cancel the calls.

You will have to come to Australia if you wish to speak with me, dears.

I gave you both many chances.
You did this.
You discarded me like trash.

They are angry.
REALLY angry.
But I don't care anymore. I told them both that the truth would prevail.

When will you learn, Delfin, that threats are only effective when you can actually carry them out?
Until you do, dear, they are just wasted puffs of air.
Like your promises and sweet nothings.
Just puffs of air.

Why is your Facebook profile Dee Jay Montano?
How many identities do you need to conduct your particular brand of deception, DJ?

No worries though.
Because I am working on some future posts.
Talented Mr. Montano.
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