06 March 2008

Celine's Ex Fiance is NOT Happy.

This has nothing to do with you.
Celine can handle herself. You left her for a reason. Don't buckle mate.

DJ tried to have me charged with a bogus assault charge the night I confronted him about my money.
Marcel was used on the night by Delfin.
But Celine helped make it happen. She had her sticky fingers all over it.
She made the calls.
I remember seeing her with her arm around his fragile little frame i the foyer of the Intercontinental. Poor little DJ. Yeah right!
She called my friends on Bora and told them i had beat DJ up which she knew was a lie. A filthy lie.
She was instrumental and helpful to him in his attempts to ruin my life and send me back to Australia.
She has more coming.

Back and forth from the hotel with the police to check for the things he stole from my room and safe. I was crying the entire time. Celine and Jackie fed me to the fire. With DJ.
Have either of you ever tried to get DJ to pay me back? Do you know what he put me through. Mean while, Celine, your snorting coke in your Hummer. Thinking the whole think is just so wild and exciting.

I had to cry and wail and beg them for my safety. I had only just arrived the day before.
DJ had stolen my phone, my money, my plane ticket to Boracay and left me with nothing.
I was in the worst kind of shock. Never been through anything so horrendous. I wanted to die. I wanted my mother.

I will never forget seeing Celine giggling like nothing mattered in the hotel lobby where I was being escorted through by about fifteen police. Her pathetic boyish frame sitting in the hotel lobby slouched over in shame. Pathetic way to treat another human being. She knew full well that I would NEVER hurt another human being.
I saw you Celine, looking at DJ with your Diana-esque doe eye's, while sacrificing me to where ever the hell they were taking me at eleven thirty at night in Manila. It was like a nightmare for me. I will erase nothing from this blog. You both can't take back what you did to me. Why should I? Tell your best friend he owes me, then we can talk. Ask him to pay me back Celine. Until then, I have about seventy thousand dollars worth of ass whooping to dish out.

Celine sure got involved with my life on that night Marcel. Why does poor little Celine get to choose when and where she wants to be involved in the lives of others? I'm sorry Celine, but you reap what you sow love. And you are a complete bitch. Common and light weight. Rude and arrogant. Shallow and selfish. Don't give me all that peace and harmony mumbo jumbo love. Pack your nose with powder dear and reflect upon your life.

Funny, now your all trying to reach me now.
Well you can keep trying.
Just like I did when I needed you desperately.
All those times when i needed answers. When I needed help.
You told me to fuck off.

Celine, you can't wash your hands of everything by hiding behind your see through window panes of privilege and selfishness.
You made your bed dear, now you lay in it.

Not that you have ever made a bed.


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Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2008 00:52:03 -0800 (PST)
From: "marcel crespo"

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Subject: blogs
To: gorrellbrian@yahoo.com.au
Hi Brian,

I've heard some disturbing news that you have been
saying these horrible things about Celine in your
blogs. I have to say I'm disappointed and I can't
understand why you would do such a thing. She was
very instrumental in making sure no harm would happen
to you while you were here. Isn't the fact that she
took your side over her friend enough for you? You
have to understand whatever your issues with D.J. are
your issues, Do not bring other people into your
problems. Celine has already lost her relationship
with D.J. because of you. What else do you want?
What is the purpose in your smear campaign? I really
don't understand? Do the right thing and erase those

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