06 March 2008

Obsessed? Who?

Anonymous said...
Brian I cant reach you. Marcel has tried to call you too. Remember the ONE who helped you. Apparently you don't know the WHOLE truth. Hopefully when you do you will realize what a grave mistake you have made. In your conscience at least. I did everything Marcel did.
I stayed silent because your affairs are none of my business.

Find your peace.

Anonymous said...
I am so not afraid of you, you are the one obsessed. WTF is Gucci gang anyway? 101 lies? Too funny. Like you...I was so mistaken by you. This is my last post. I still believe you have some humanity in you and when you realize what happened really through Marcel, the truth will crystallize and you will realize you were barking at the wrong tree. You don't know the first thing about me...as I don't about you.

Good night and good luck. I'm not stalking you Narcissus, I'm merely informing you that I have informed the Australian embassy about you as well. Your harassment of citizens in a country you are visiting is certainly more grave than a so called diss. I went to that jail cell extremely traumatized. When you emailed me I answered you that I cant get involved, that this is between you and him. What you really wanted was for me to side with you. Grow up Brian. Enjoy Australia and allocate your anger to better things. Not pathetic blogging. I feel so dumb contacting you through this blog but I hope you know the truth. It does set you free.

**** NOTE TO CELINE*****

You are a complete bitch.
And your spelling is terrible.
You write?
For who?
The Star?
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