16 March 2008

Comments Section... to Re -Open? Yes.

The demand for the commens section to be re -opened is overwhelming. Over night, I recieved almost eight hundred e mails.
I am drowning in e mails. I have to stem the flow somehow.
Please be patient as I am determined to answer each one.

I will be opening the comments section at different periods through out the day.
I need time to go through them and try my best to edit.
It is a huge dynamic of this blog.
I have to listen to my readers.
They are this blog.

The following was pulled from the Chismizan with Chuva blog.
Thank you for your support.

**Since the story broke out about Brian Gorrell and his blog about DJ Montano and the Gucci Gang, I haven’t seen such traffic on one site be accumulated so fast in such a short time. We were given the tip from one of the readers (who will remain anonymous) a couple of days after Brian Gorrel’s blog was opened. Not knowing who DJ Montano or Celine Lopez, we just thought that Brian’s posts were quite interesting to say the least. Until the story caught fire and we started to realize who these people are.

Alright, we understand from his entries that he is owed 70K by DJ Montano. Celine Lopez will not assist Brian in getting his money back. Brian has written about DJ’s mom as well and asked that she mediates about the issue. No avail. Celine’s lawyers have written to Brian stating that Celine has tried to ask DJ to pay up but received nothing but DENIALS from him about the alleged money owed. So right now - Brian is caught between two things and two things only - ROCK and HARD PLACE.

My advice would be for Brian to apply (although it may be a little tacky) for Google Adsense. Why? Because his blog hits are phenomenal! I remember one Pinoy who earned $137.00 on his blog in just one day because of traffic spike. Brian Gorrell’s blog receives an average of 42K unique hits a day! That is a blogger’s dream. If he manages to keep the interest of people reading his blog (the blog views have considerably dropped since he closed the comments section where the really juicy entries are) he could recoup the 70K owed him in 510.94 days. That will be close to two years. If he monetizes his blog, he would probably be able to recoup the money owed to him sooner.

I posted this entry not to demean his real reason why he is blogging about the “GUCCI GANG”. I don’t want to disregard the fact that he is aching from this REAL experience and needed to vent it out. I posted this because I am amazed about how fast his blog rose through the ranks. It took us one year to reach 200,000 unique hits. It took his blog DAYS! It’s simply amazing.

Anyway, just so that you can see how his blog performs SEO-wise. Here are screen shots of his Sitemeter.

363,036 Unique hits in 8 days. 650,011 page views!

Topped 100K page views in ONE DAY?! WOW!

Highest day had 68, 443 in one day. Just guess how much he would

received from Google Adsense if he had it.

Coming later today- I will be posting the PROOF!!!
Prepare DJ as you won't be able to deny it any longer.
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