17 March 2008

Off With His HEAD!

So we are jealous then Tim? Of YOU?

Jealous of you and your friends?

You fool no one with this light weight scribble that you call writing.

Fuck off Tim.

Your as weak as the cocaine that you push in your club.

You are a sham Yap. Your life is mess.
What the fuck?
You think your article excuses your disgusting selfish ignorance.
I would love to pull down your pants and spank your half ass.
Spank it hard.

Your article sucked mate. They all do. Boring stuff. They suck dear.
Like you do on Bora's beaches. Nice try though. Your nothing but a tragic drug dealer.

And Celine???? What the fuck was your article about?
It doesn't matter because Celine has a ghost writer anyway's. Everyone in the GG knows. She is a retard. Can't write without tons of cocaine. They all love coke.
Right Celine. Hideous writer.
And DJ. What about the two article I wrote for you DJ?
Both got published in the Star.
Where is my money?
Remember, the Ben Sherman article I wrote for you. You said I could get a job at your paper one day. You printed my stories and took credit for them. I wrote those article, and you know it.
And Celine, I know who your ghost writer is.
You suck Celine. And so does your ghost writer. Although, she is petier then you.
The Star is a sham. Just a drug filled paper.

Tim, GIve it up. You are nothing but smoke and mirrors. Like the paper you write for.

By Tim Yap
Saturday, March 15, 2008
I am always the last to know. Pardon my ignorance, but I really am not one to indulge in Internet gossip. (I am not even on Friendster or Facebook.) I know gossip is the Pinoy’s favorite pasttime. It’s an addiction that many of us are hooked on — and rehab is not even an option. I have attended one too many lunches where the opening topic is “So what’s the latest tsismis?”

Lately, tsismis has gone beyond the bounds of The Buzz and Showbiz Central — even way beyond the lunchtime circles and cocktail hour murmurs. The grapevine has found a new medium — one click and you’re smudged with the latest dirt about your favorite celebrities, personalities, and just about anyone else in your neighborhood. From someone’s alleged drug addiction, sexual habits, money problems, love stories, breakups, rivalries and anything under the sun worth “blogging”about — the dark side of virtual reality has become virtual insanity.

Tsismis in this side of the world becomes gospel truth. Perception takes over reality. Who cares about the truth when you can feel so much better that the people who seem to lead such perfect lives are not so perfect at all? Envy comes in many forms and it is the easiest thing to misjudge — prejudice has been part and parcel of people’s lives since the time of Adam and Eve.

It all sounds so juicy — what with sordid details about someone’s love affair, another one’s secret addiction and what not — until it reaches you. Manila is a small pikon society that everyone revels in the latest gossip- until their names get dragged into the story. The slightest mention can get anyone all riled up, ready to fight and spread anger over anyone related to the gossip vine. “its all about me” becomes the direction — even if it’s not.

With this latest development in Manila gossip society, we must look deep down on how we, and others react when we see it. Do we feel happy? Do we act as accomplice and help spread it around? Do we feel lucky not to be part of it but scared that eventually our names might get dragged into this picture? Looking at it from an objective person’s eyes — it’s all a learning experience

Something has to be said about this form of exploitation. Freedom of speech is one thing, abuse of speech is another. Honest to blog, I feel so blasé about all this talk. Everything that can be said about me has already been said — I eat such subject matter for breakfast. We should not indulge ourselves in other people’s insecurities and my perspective on such things is that, if it’s not productive for our lives, then it deserves none of our time. But when people start attacking our friends, and those whom we love, then that’s when we should bite the bullet.

Blogging per se is not bad. The information age has brought an upsurge in awareness in people from trends to technology, making people stay in touch with each other, more than ever. But when this tool is used to tarnish other people’s hard-earned reputations, then it becomes counterproductive. The Internet, or any medium whatsoever, was not built for this.

I will be the first one to tell you that I am no saint. And neither are my friends. We have our faults — we are far from perfect. But, who is? I urge people who read and continually indulge in this form of guilty pleasure to keep an open mind. It is the easiest thing to jump on the bandwagon and point fingers and judge others but as a Biblical verse says, “Judge not, lest you too be judged.” Or something to that effect. Even Someone Up There in all His infinite wisdom said, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

I choose to throw bread at those who throw stones at my friends. I cannot stop people from judging and misjudging. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being in this industry — it is about not being judgmental. I am the last to resort to name-calling because I myself have been called so many names — I actually find it funny, thank God. Being in this “light” makes us easy targets for prejudiced stereotypical mudslinging — but hey, even if you are an accountant or a librarian or a janitor or a blogger — there’s no escaping that. It is just part and parcel of human living. So instead of fighting it, let us learn to embrace life, with all its surprising twists and turns. In the end, the truth shall surface, and people will get what they deserve. The best revenge is success.

People who really know me call me Mr. Tough Love. I am the first to tell them, slap them in the face with the reality of the world, with all its harsh realities of people who want to bring you down. But I am also the first to tell them of the world’s beauty — that there are more people who are intrinsically good.

When my friends feel weak, I try my best to become a pillar of strength and positivity. No matter what other people say, your self-esteem should be higher than anyone’s prejudice. No one should be able to make you feel inferior without your consent. In the end, no one knows you better than yourself and the people you truly feel are your friends.

If there’s one mistake that some people commit, maybe it is that they trust the wrong people. So as you read this, I urge you to discern well the people around you. Surround yourself with positive influences and shun those whose only goal is to drag you down — there will be plenty of them, so be on the lookout. On the reverse side, celebrate the true friends that you have — no matter how few or plenty. My friend’s dad used to tell us, “Consider yourself lucky if within one hand, you can count your true friends.”

Amidst the whirlwind of gossip, move forward and leave the dust of negativity behind. That beats the latest tsismis.

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