17 March 2008

Suck It Montano! Give Back My Money

This is the first on TEN Western Union reciepts I have.
All of this money was sent to DJ Montano for our business that never was.
He lied to me. A million times.
I will continue to post every document until he can't deny it.
He stole my life savings.

This lot was sent to his sister.
Her name is Maria Virginia Ligayo - Montano

Where is my money Maria????? Do you always get 7000 dollars sent to you Western Union? Your brother is a criminal.
He is a bandit. Thief. I am sick, and he took my money. Go to church and pray for your brother dear.

My money was sent by my accountant in Australia.
DJ had me send money to his family members.
I had no ides why.
Now I know.
Scammer extroidinaire!!!

More proof tomorrow.
I want to stretch this out.
Little bastard.

FYI readers, click to see it large.

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