08 March 2008

DJ's Other Boyfriend

I want the name of DJ's boyfriend in Singapore.
Wendy, I know you know. You knew he was being unfaithful to me.You knew everything so don't play all coy. Give it to me Wendy, Celine. You knew too. You knew I was giving DJ heaps of cash. You knew everything Celine.

Don't care who. Just hand it over.

I want his name. I am going to find him to warn him about DJ. Poor guy.
I have been told DJ has fled the Philippines for Singapore.
But I swear, if I find out he is with Celine, or Tina
all hell is going to break loose on this blog.


Someone give me his name please or warn him for me.

DJ cheated on me the entire time we were together and for that he must pay.

All the while taking my money.

Almost 70,000 dollars. Not pesos comrads, green backs.

Does anyone know where DJ is?

******** Follow Up**********

- Ok readers, the last post was a bit Kill Billish. Ha ha ha.
I only ever wanted to warn this fella about DJ. I am relaxed and fine.

Just had a few beers is all. I just can't post all the information and e mails I'm getting. Its too much. I'm afraid I've opened a can of worms. People are sending me e mails from all around the world. With some shocking information.
I am fully in control of things here in Australia. I just keep finding shit out, and its driving me up the wall.

Celine's family is trying everything to shut down this blog. My phone will not stop ringing. Many people are trying to have this blog shut down.

They know what DJ has to do. Pay me back! Its simple.

He pays me back, and this will all stop.

And yes reader, you are correct. The boyfriend in Singapore has nothing to do with what DJ did. But his friends who watched him behave in such a pathetic manner do. Watch out Tina. Your next.

But, it would drive DJ to drink if I could get a word out to him.

Good night
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