08 March 2008

Battle Scars at 6 am

I am doing battle.

Its five thirty am and I have to go to the police department.
The Lopez family have gone nuts.
Really nuts.

They are
trying to shut down my blog.

They want me dead. I'm sure.

Apparently, I have put her at risk.
Kidnapping or some shit. WTF!

Your parents should be ashamed of themselves.

And DJ, where ever you are.
Even here in Australia,
I have to battle them.
Its all about justice.
My mother raised a man.
Who has battle scars.
I am going to get justice.
DJ, give me my money.

Leave me and my blog alone.
Get your kid off drugs.
Do your job as a father.
And yours as a mother.

Selfish bunch of enablers.
Mandatory charity for that family.

I know other Lopez family members who are great.
Really nice ones who spend time on
Sweet guy. And his wife is hilarious.
Beautiful couple.
So not all hope is lost for that family. Just most.

How do you like what you have done to yourself
You didn't expect me to be so strong did you.
You wanted me killed DJ? Didn't you?
I heard all the stories on
I really though you were going to have me murdered.

Cheaper then 70,000 dollars though, right mate?
How much were you willing to pay DJ? 200,000 pesos to have me taken care of.
Would you have been there mate? Or just get a call when its all over?

Were you going to use my own money to have me snuffed?
But then again, that money is long gone.
Just curious.
You know perfectly well what I am talking about.

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