09 March 2008

Wendy Puyat Liar, Liar....... Panties on Fire

DJ called me once from Manila. Most likely for funds. There was usually a sting at the tail end of most calls. He wanted to inform me that his friend Wendy was coming to Bora to escape from the hoopla in Hong Kong. "You remember her right Brian?". She was bringing with her her guru yoga guy who was "gay".

Now come on Wendy. You are disguising your boyfriend as a 'gay yoga instructor' who just follows you all over Asia helping you into your positions. Have you no dignity. Has HE no dignity. Your all fucking nuts I tell you. NUTS!

The night Wendy arrived on Boracay, she was with this hot guy. Her "gay" yoga instructor. Gorgeous guy. Tall, European. From Denm, or was it Swed, or was it Norway. Finland. Of fuck, it doesn't matter. Because he was happening. Fucking sexy as. Looked fine in his swimmers. Super high maintenance though. Vegan. Drove us crazy all night. But he was a looker, so he was forgiven. And the food at Cyma was delicious. Cyyyymmmaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

I don't blame her for scooping him up. I would have of hit it too given the half a chance! This hunk had zero body fat.

DJ told me he was gay. A million times. Naturally I believed him and flew into full flirt mode.

He did not even trust me enough to tell me the truth.
He demanded my trust, but never gave it to me.

As it turns out, he was actually Wendy's boy toy. Some exotic island cock. Jealous! She was hiding out on Boracay apparently because they threw her slutty ass out of Hong Kong.

Too much press attention. Click, click. Flash, flash. Click, click
That's what happens dear, when you have affairs. Your world around you falls apart.
And you fall into the arms of another man. But ten out of ten for hotness love. Yum!

Click the pictures to see more.

Wendy told me he was gay too. I acted like a fool talking to him about gay things all night. Gay, gay, gay. Blah blah blah. I do go on. Why did you guys lie to me? You treated me like garbage Wendy. Just a bunch of lies spewing forth from your fully made up lips. No gloss for this chick.
And you and DJ will rot like fish chum in the sun for your treatment of me and others around you. Fuck up your own life dear. Your disregard for the truth and decency will not serve you well at those pearly gates guys.

Only charity will help you out of the self centered abyss you find yourself in.

The lot of you.
Put away your coke.
Put away your flashy 'free' dresses. And ancient Dior suits. Have a shower. Whack on some ugh boots. And stay home for a while. Like about five years. See you in 2013. We will all enjoy the rest.

Thank you to the reader who spent the time and effort translating this story.

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Subject: Wendy fotos with translation1

HEY Brian--Wendy fodder (w photos!!) in case you have not seen--with
OK to post but DONT put my email addy bec I dont want to field emails
from strangers!
Good Luck and thank you for opening this can of rotten baggoong....

>> Upper left gold page - These last 2 years has seen at balls a hot
>> celebrity figure (Eurasian?) Mrs. Wendy Puyat Hotung, half American.
>> half Filipino, long hair, about 5 ft., 33C bust, great smile, sweet
>> look, always has a good appearance. But in the last few days a
>> discovery has been made of a public transformation of a society ball
>> married celebrity is in fact famous because of who she married.
>> Big chinese characters in the middle of the page - EXPLOSIVE -
>> married woman "homewrecker stranger"? Daughter-in-law of Hotungs,
>> married woman who plays the part of wealth and status in-law?
>> Photo below of Wendy and Anthony - Wendy & Anthony were married in
>> 2002. After marriage they were out a lot together. Here at this
>> February's event (Cancer Ball?). Wendy is wife of Anthony Hotung
>> the Hotung clan, #5 son. Wendy is from the Philippines, educated in
>> design school in Paris. They met through a design job and married.
>> Here at a 2005 ball that made her a celebrity.
>> Top photo of the yoga teacher (translator's personal comments) -
This is
>> the yoga teacher at Mandarin Hotel gym where they have a policy that
>> teachers should not go out with students or guests. Wendy is a
>> but not even paying. She won it in a raffle. At least if she paid
>> HK$ 25,000 fee, Mandarin would make money. So not only does the
>> hotel have a scandal, but also a loss.
>> Wendy with yogi on escalator - Wendy and the foreigner look/face
>> other, Wendy hand on shoulder, both grinning/smiling sweetly at each
>> other, lock eyes.
>> White area bottom right - "Night She Returned" - On the evening of
>> June 28 at 8pm, Wendy attended the Caran d'Ache cocktails for the
>> manufacturer. After the event, she slipped sway and went to Sheung
>> Wan, to a 362 sq ft flat. That night, she did noytleave the flat
>> until the next day, 29 June at 2 pm. Wendy came down from the car
>> and took the lift to the 5th floor. She spoke English on the phone
>> while pacing back & forth outside the flat they don't share
>> 10 minutes later dressed in shorts, shoes/slippers, a blonde man
>> about a head taller than Wendy, emerged.

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