18 March 2008

FAKE? ...... Your Fucked!

Get a life.
These documents are not fake.
DJ can say what he wants. His camp can too.
Any retaliation that comes my way is desperate and too late.
I have no skeletons, no ghosts.

I sent his sister money. Ask her where it is.
Seven thousand dollars.
I sent DJ so much money, its crazy.
He tricked me over and over.

Send it here, send it there.
My mother was with me.
You calling my mother a liar?

You can't fake these reciepts.
Try your hardest to thwart my efforts.
You will not succeed.
You have my money.
I have already proved it.

Your attemps to undermine me will never work.

And what about the letter from DJ already posted on my blog?
The e mails clearly shows him asking for more money via Western Union.
He also mentions money I sent directly to his band accounts.
Are these fake? Fuck you.
Come forward on my blog with your proof that anything I have said is fake.
I dare you.

So get a life please. Anyone who defends DJ is as guilty as he is. His mother is guilty. His sister is an accessory to the crimes.
Fraud. Theft. You name it.

Friends of DJ-

Don't check your morals at the doors like he does.

Western Union does not lie!
And neither do I.

Only DJ does.
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