17 March 2008

Manila? Court? No Way! DJ's Lawyer Speaks

Mr. Oliveros,

Its obvious that as Dj's lawyer, you have read not 'all' of my posts.

Get real mate. Tell him to pay up! Because neither I nor this blog is going away anytime soon. For all of eternity until I turn it off.

And we can all go back to our lives.

If you had read all of my blog, you would already know that I have absolutley no intention of spending the next three years of my life battling a liar/thief in your court system in Manila. He is NOT a good and proper man. I will NOT be abused furthur by him and his tricky bunch of lawyer's. Fuck that.


I have experienced enough of the corrupt process you call law in the Philippines. I'm done.
You will NEVER get me into a courthouse in your country. Ever!

But I will get my money back from your client.
Tell him to end this charade of his.

Fuck your client.
He took my money.
He stole my money.
He thieved my money.
He spent my money.
I want my money.

Get it?

Its not hard to understand.
I am in Australia where I intend to remain. I am safe here. Away from your client and his corrup methods.

You must think I am NUTS to come back to the Philippine's.

So he can lie, lie, lie, like a cheap rug.
So your client can lie and cheat his way to a victory.

Tell him to suck it!

Look dude. I am not well. Your client has devestated my life. He took every penny I had.
He has no regret. No remorse. No soul.
He targeted a HIV positve person.
He is evil.
I don't need a court of 'Law' to tell me that I have been robbed of my life savings by DJ.
I only have to ask the teller at the bank for my balance. Looking at the little slip of paper she hands me, always brings me crashing down to earth. Believe me mate.

So take your lawyer language and go away.
I want my money back. Its simple.

I will fight until I have it. Tooth and bloody nail.
Now I have offered DJ a special deal.
I will take fifty thousand dollars. Thats how badly I want to end this fucked up period in my life.

That's a big saving for him. Twenty grand. Now how can he complain?
As a lawyer, you should be jumping for joy. You just saved your client 20,000 dollars.
Your amazing.

I am throwing him a bone.
Now he can't accuse me of not meeting him half way.

Read my blog mate.
Don't bug me at home. I have escaped from your clutches. Unless DJ is asking me what Wetsern Union I want him to send my money to, I have NOTHING TO SAY TO YOU. And tell his mother, she should do the right thing. She is a Christian woman?



Attorney and Counsellor-at-Law
52 Kamagong Road, Pilar Village
Las Pinas City, Philippines
Cell Phone No. 0917-537-7943
E-mail: attyjaoliveros2003@yahoo.com

17 March 2008

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Dear Mr. Gorrell:

I have reviewed all your postings in your blog –http://delfindjmontano.blogspot.com- and stripped of emotionalism and shorn of embellishments, all that you want is for my client, Mr. Delfin Justiniano “DJ” O. Montano II, to return to you Aus$70,000.00 that you claimed he stole from you. (In some of you postings, you stated that DJ owed you that amount. Which is which, really, stolen or owed?). Incidentally, your use of DJ’s name in your blog is totally unauthorized.

If your claim is true and you have solid evidence to prove it, then I challenge you to file a criminal complaint for theft against DJ here in the Philippines so DJ can answer all your accusations and defend himself in the proper forum. Under Philippine laws, a criminal complaint is filed in the place where the crime was committed. Do not vent your ire and hurl your tirade against DJ through the world wide web from the safety of Australia or any foreign country. Be man enough to confront him face to face.

Should you fail to do so within ten (10) days from receipt of this letter which I am sending you by e-mail to your new e-mail address: brian.gorrell@bigpond.com, then the inescapable conclusion is you have no case against DJ and your only purpose in posting all those derogatory, malicious, false, baseless and libelous accusations against DJ is to malign him and ruin his reputation and that of his family and all other persons you have intentionally but unnecessarily dragged into this melodrama.

Attorney for DJ Montano and the Ocampo-Montano Family

Note: This letter is being sent by-email and is, therefore, unsigned.


Follow up e mail from DJ's Lawyer_

Dear Mr. Gorrell:

All your so-called proof are trash unless presented in evidence before a competent court. The truth is you have resorted to name-calling and mudslinging because you really have nothing against my client. You have very good lawyers, according to you. Well, I am not afraid of them and am ready to face them. By the way, Australian and Canadian lawyers cannot appear before Philippine courts.


This guy is behaving like a pathetic baby!

Fuck you Lawyer man!
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