10 March 2008

Fighting the GOOD fight... regardless

I woke up this morning ready to post my next entry to the blog.

I'm having some problems though.

I had visitors this morning at seven thirty.

Private Investigators from the Philippine's Consulate in Sydney.

With them, was four Federal Australian police officers.

They also took my computer.

I have been questioned and cautioned. Spent three hours trembling. Hysterical inside.

I have turned off my Facebook for the time being. Friends can reach me at my private yahoo.

Can't read the death threats anymore,

I asked the officials to challenge the blogs content for its accuracy.

Free speach I said.

My lawyer is pricey.

I have a VERY good lawyer.

Thanks DJ. Thanks for ruining my life.
I am going into hiding now, because I can hardly stand what has happened to me.
But my other computer is coming with me.

Thanks Celine.
You would have me in jail instead getting DJ to give me back my money.

I am questioning everything now.

Who will fuck me over next you guys? You took my money DJ. And now you would have me dead before paying it back.


How could you do this?
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