11 March 2008

Say a Prayer for Justice.

I am going back to the police now.

The threats are really getting bad.



******** follow up ************ 6.19 am

I have just returned home with my computer.
I have lodged a complaint with regards to the threats made against my safety and life.
I would love to scan and print it, but I can't.
My lawyer is being very careful.

Please understand that i can't print everything because I could be brought in for questioning regarding
'certain facts' that i know. I do NOT want to be extradited to Philly.

Are you kidding me?
No way.
I am safe here in Australia, where i will remain.

Apparently, I am going to have my hands cut off.
My 'faggoty aids cock' cut off
My face cut off.
My animals will be killed. My animals?
Grow up!

The police here know everything. My lawyer is supporting me fully.
I am in Australia. And your Consular officials have NO AUTHORITY to close my blog.
I will continue to fight for justice until they throw my ass in jail.
Or until i get paid the money from DJ.

So that so i can type the TRUTH!

Create a diologue.

Open things up.

I am not afraid of any of you.

I have nothing to lose.

Because DJ took everything from me already.

***** NOTE *******

Who ever is interfering with my Yahoo will be caught.
I have filed a tampering charge against who ever is fucking with my computer.
We will find you. Name you and shame you.
Because you obviously support the criminals in the story of non-fiction.
And you will crash and burn as well.

Thats all.

PS. The sail boat picture is just simple and calming. The boat did not steal money from me.
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