20 March 2008

Happy Easter and Blessed Holy Week

My family and friends have arrived from Sydney for Easter.
In a caravan yesterday.
There are air mattress's all over the place.
Kids screaming.
My cat is freaking out. Haha.

They all brought their dogs.
And food.
And wine.
And a new baby.
A baby girl.
Called Bunny.
For this weekend at least.

I am devoted to my family. DEVOTION.
Loyal to my friends. LOYALTY.
And because of this,

They love me so very much. LOVE.

They are helping me through this sordid ordeal.
They know how hard I worked for my savings.
My eye's can't conceal the heartache I feel. The loss.
But I am trying real hard to be tough.

But this weekend I want to focus on the happy things.
My family and friends.
The food.
The wine.
The chocolate.

.....and Bunny.

Bless you and your family.
Bless your homes and hearts.
Remember beautiful Jesus.
The many sacrifice's he made for us.
His dignity.
His courage.
His life.

This is a very special weekend.

Happy Easter and Holy Week

Back on Tuesday with a new 'ELECTRIC' posting.
I will enjoy my rest.

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