19 March 2008


Over night, I had some problems with my blog.
It never stops.
Some idiot spent the night copy and pasting rubbish in the comments section.
Must have took him/her hours.


I wonder if this person is being paid to do it.
Someone is not happy with my blog.
Can't shut it down.
No power to do so.
I am free to write.
And I will.
Until my finger tips are numb.

Because of this tampering I have had to remove the anonymous option in the comments section.
So this person has to stop. Pathetic.
Please don't be afraid to say what you feel.
No one is going to trace your message. The in box is locked. Only I have access to it.

Please use you voice.

The person who is trying to sabotage my blog will never succeed.
You have already spent so much time trying. Hours and hours.
You should spend as much time, trying to convince DJ to pay me back.
Do something productive with your life.
Redeem yourself.

It's obvious that you are not able to shut me down.
You would have by now.
But the concept of justice is in my corner.
DJ took my savings.
It's simple.
I want it back.

More proof to be posted later.

Along with another blog entry.

Good morning.
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