25 March 2008


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This is a letter I recieved from DJ's friend/lawyer last year when I was living in the Philippine's.
When I was trying to establish a life.
After DJ.
After the nightmare.
When my relationship ended, I kept quiet for a while. Was shell shocked really.
Just fucked.
But then, I started to feel brave enough to tell others what had happened to me.
Less embarrassed. Less humiliated.

I e-mailed people. I texted people. I contacted people through Facebook.
I needed support.
Some of them forwarded my plea's to DJ, who in turn forwarded them to his friend/lawyer.
Thanks guys.
Why did you not believe me? You believed DJ?
Knowing his history?
That's ok.
Its just who you are.
Sad really.

I tried my best to get the word out about my ex.
But it was very hard.
I also wanted to live........
A normal life.

Suddenly out of the blue, DJ's friend/lawyer started to text me.
Weeks of mind games eventually wore me down.
I had to cut her off.
She tricked me.
Big time.

Friend? My friend? You?
You tricked me.
Played with me.
Some lawyer you are.

At first she told me she wanted to broker a deal between DJ and myself.
All the while, behind the scenes, she was plotting with DJ to have me deported.
Brought up on trumped up assault claims.
Trying to re-kindle something that was never there to begin with.
Spreading lies.
Told people I hit him.

They only asked me my version of events.
They believed me mate.
Because I told the truth and you lied like a cheap rug.
Making a mockery of your police.
Your 'system' of justice.

You fled.
They took me back to my hotel room.
With empathy in their eye's.
The police were very good to me.
They knew you were lying.
They refused to do your dirty work.

They could see the desperation in my eye's.

I fought the lawyer tooth and nail.
I know what is right.
She wanted me to go away.
Trade the 70,000 dollars for the BOGUS accusation of assault.
Thats what she wanted.
For me to fuck off.

I was threatened many times.

They also wanted to have me charged for Vexation. Apparently I'm not allowed to tell anyone about what DJ did to me.

I will tell who ever I want about my life and the things that happen to me.

No dear, the truth.
And now look what has happened.
You did this.
You should have told DJ to clear his debt with me.
NONE of this would have happened.

If you were my lawyer, I would fire you.
Big time.
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